Selections and Reserves

Refosco dal P.R.

Pairing suggestions
Refosco represents the tradition of Friuli and is, therefore, excellent with aged salami or ‘soppressa’. Grilled red meat and game also make good pairings.

Deep ruby red with purple hues.

Wild blackberries, roasted coffee and sour cherry.

Wine of character with fully present but velvety tannins. Wide, savory and with excellent persistence.

Serving temperature

Technical data

Vineyard area Ha 1,4
Vine training Double guyot
Planting layout 2,70 mt. x 0,9 mt.
Planting layout year 1993
Soil condition Grassed over

Soil characteristics

Lowland location with north-south orientation of the rows and optimal east-west exposure. Soil type: loam-clay.

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