The best fruit always has ancient roots

Our history is intertwined with that of Galileo Galilei, who taught Daniello Antonini, a former, ancient owner of the estate. In fact, our brand’s image follows the outline of a technical drawing found in correspondence between them, whilst the reference to the drop evokes our passion for an essential quality which floods the senses from the first taste.

Origine del logo

We have, therefore, received an ancient and precious heritage to be transformed into a new vision. The lines and sections of the drawing, which make up our “drop”, also speak of our intentions: the circle, the perfect synthesis between art and geometry, intersects with new directions which point to the future and which lead us to new challenges.

Thus, we combine two complementary vocations: on the one hand, knowledge of the soil, the vines and wine-making processes, on the other, the poetic touch of experience, which involves that unique way we have in which we take care of every single grape.

All our bottles, which include red and white wines and reserve wines aged in wood, represent a harmonious balance between nature and culture, between technology and craftsmanship, between respect for ancient methods and the drive for innovation, bringing together different and transversal knowledge acquired from generation to generation.

Each drop in our bottles contains the essence of a unique land and upholds that promise between Man and earth which is renewed at each harvest.

The Pribus bottles can be sampled on-site, where they are made, in the evocative setting of the guesthouse belonging to the manor house. The delicacy of the wines and the natural beauty of the vineyards, which extend as far as the eye can see, leave each visitor with an unforgettable sensory experience.