A natural jewel in the heart of DOC Friuli

Surrounded by the green of the DOC Friuli area, the Pribus estate is a true jewel located between the Roman city of Aquileia and the star fort of Palmanova.

In this extraordinary site, which covers forty hectares of land, twenty-five of which are used for vineyards, Pribus and the Budai family gather and carry on the legacy preserved in this place full of enchantment whilst maintaining its original appearance.

The specific nature of the clay soil in this area and the mild climate, influenced by the presence of the sea, allows a great variety of vines to be cultivated with a distinct typicality. The double Guyot training system, which enables the harmonious growth of the plant, harvesting by hand, the careful vinification processes and ageing in barriques allow us to produce structured, refined wines that can release a range of flavours which gradually reveal their richness.

The Production

Care for every grape, quality in every drop.

At the Pribus estate, we do things with passion, following the old way, which is why we always harvest grapes with the greatest rigour: the first selection by hand is done directly in the vineyard and only the best grape bunches are used to make our wines.

Among the ancient walls of the cellar, the musts are kept at a controlled temperature in large stainless steel barrels, where the natural fermentation process begins.

Finally we reach the refining phase, which can be done directly in the bottle or in oak barriques, where the slow, refined ageing process of the reserves starts.

The Grapes

Thanks to the quality of the soil, the typical nature of the climate and the training system used, the grapes have excellent concentrations and an extraordinary balance of aromas.


The grape bunches are harvested by hand and laid carefully in crates, without crushing them, in order to not compromise the quality.


The vinification process is very precise: from the soft pressing of the grapes, to the fermentation, passing through the cleaning of the musts at controlled temperatures. Finally, to be stored in steel barrels or in oak barriques.


We make the barrique barrels ourselves in an artisanal way in order to guarantee that the wines develop an intense and sophisticated aroma and flavour.